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I Fell In…..Something !

17 So Its not the first time! Who Cares….. It can be the “BEST TIME”…..You Go Girl.


The proposal the ring…The  night or day that special “knock your socks off" thing happened to make you two…. make you one!   OH,YAH….. things have changed . IT’S TIME TO GET  Shhh ..Take a deep breath say it slow

Serious  OH ____!

Take a deep breath it’s going  to be a great ride NH’S Favorite Wedding Planner along with NH’S Must attend Bridal Expo’s, "You Said Yes Let Us Get You To "I DO"

Premier Bride of New Hampshire. Check our wedding magazine out.

Premier Bride of New Hampshire. Check our wedding magazine out.

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October 2,2011 Portsmouth NH bridal expo at the Portsmouth Harbor Events Center.

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The Advantages of Weekend Weddings
If you decide to have your wedding on a Friday or a Sunday, you’ll reap several rewards: both financial and otherwise. You’ll save time, you’ll probably save a significant amount of money, and you’ll find that your guests may appreciate having a Saturday free to spend time with you and the other guests they know. See NH Reception sites here/

Maximize Your Dollar
For Friday or Sunday weddings, the majority of banquet facilities, photographers, video producers, musicians/entertainers and limousine services are much more willing to negotiate in order to reach a price that suits your budget. Vendors tend to see Friday and Sunday as bonus days, a time when they can earn income. Savings on these services can really add up, making this option a great way to save money without having to sacrifice the quality of your wedding.

Save Time

On a Friday, you’ll probably have your wedding in the evening, which means that the ceremony is followed immediately by dinner. This means that you will avoid the extra cost and hassle of a one-to-two-hour interim reception or cocktail party. Having the ceremony and reception back to back may ensure more people at the church ceremony.

Additionally, a Friday/Sunday wedding frees up at least one day of the weekend, generally making your family, friends and guests more appreciative of the extra time, especially if they are traveling.

Save the Date

Planning for a Friday or a Sunday wedding makes it much more likely that you will be able to reserve the church, hall, music and other services on the date of your choice. Choosing a Friday or Sunday date allows you to avoid making several calls to numerous vendors, only to hear, “Sorry, we’re booked on that date.”

Rehearsal is Easy
Restaurants are usually thrilled to have rehearsal dinners booked on Thursdays or other evenings during the week, since those are typically their slower business days. You will find a more relaxed atmosphere and the staff will be more attentive to your party’s needs.
In selecting a Friday or Sunday date for your event, you’ll help both your budget and your odds of getting exactly the wedding you want, while also allowing for more time dedicated to finalizing last minute details. You can use the extra day to catch your breath, and use the extra money to purchase something special. WIN A HONEYMOON GO HERE,